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If you already have a foundation in CrossFit’s core movements and practices...


1. Test out (60 min private session)

We will be testing your capacity as a prerequisite for joining the Group Classes. You will demonstrate the following :

  • Barbell Squat/ Pull Progressions (5 Reps for ALL movements) 
  • Olympic lift Progressions ( Barbell Snatch / Clean& Jerk)
  • Kipping/ Ring/ Handstand work ( Demonstrate progressions)
  • Dirty 30 plus task and interval priority work

During this session the coaching staff will determine whether you are able to join the Group classes. If this is at all intimidating or unfamiliar please consider trying the  Private Fundamental Course instead.

Test Out – 1 session/hour – $95 - Click Here

 2. Drop In - ( Visiting athletes)

Visiting CrossFitters are welcomed. We require that you have a current membership to a certified CrossFit affiliate. You must also be competent in all standard lifts including but not limited to the following:

  • Weightlifting progressions 
  • Powerlifting Progressions
  • Gymnastics exercise ( Pull ups/ Ring Work, Handstand work, Pistols or mods)
  • Time vs. Task vs. Interval priority WODS

To Drop in you MUST CONTACT us at info@telegraphcrossfit.com or (415) 215-1088 

Daily Drop in (1 Day) - $30 - Click Here

Weekly Drop in (7 Days) - $90 - Click Here