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We offer two program memberships:

1. CrossFit 

Here at Telegraph CrossFit, we want our members to be dedicated to health and fitness. We offer an expansive class schedule 7 Days a week! With this membership, you will be able to attend as many classes per month as you want. All athlete must pass our Private or Test out sessions prior to joining.  

2. Open Platform / Open Gym
(San Francisco Barbell Club)

Our Barbell Club offers a weightlifting open gym setting. Meaning you are able to come in during any open gym times and lift on our platforms. This option is great for those who may not enjoy the class setting however are excited to lift weights. Please note that this membership is solely for the "Barbell Club" and you MUST have competency in all weightlifting movements.

  Please contact us at info@sanfranciscobarbellclub.com to join. 

(Cancellation Policy: We DO NOT freeze memberships)

  • Four week written notice for cancellation is required.
  • Declined auto-pays incur a $20 processing fee.

 *DISCOUNTED rates for memberships paid in full. (NO REFUNDS)
**Special rates for Active/full time military/ fire/ leo/ student
***Rates apply to individual memberships only, and are not combined with other discounts.